We are pleased to announce that Child Advocates-Denver CASA served nearly 400 children with 193 CASA Volunteers in 2013. Since 1995, our CASA Volunteers have advocated for more than 3,400 children. 

Many of the children we served were able to return to their parent’s care. Some of them were not. However, for every child with a CASA volunteer, statistics show that they do better in school, spend less time in the child welfare system and most importantly are more likely to find a safe, permanent home. The more children we are able to help, the more likely we are able to help them break the cycle of abuse and neglect and lead healthy, happy and productive lives.

There is still work to be done in 2014, as there are over 600 abused and neglected children in Denver County that need a CASA Volunteer that we are unable to serve. Our goal is to continue to increase the number of children served each year and with your on-going support, our vision will become a reality.

We want to thank our amazing volunteers who sacrifice everyday to provide services to abused and neglected children, giving each of these children a voice and hope as well as the comfort that they have one adult that is a constant in their lives. We also want to thank the many individuals, foundations, corporations and community groups who support our work.

 Thank you for giving hope to abused and neglected children in Denver.

Give a Child a VOICE